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How we Work


At Otto Custom Craftsmen we pride ourselves in providing high quality home renovation services and are committed to helping our clients bring their vision into reality while being mindful of budget. We believe working closely with our clients throughout all aspects of the construction process is the foundation of a successful project.


Our founder, Christopher Otto, started this company in 2018 after a lifetime of construction management positions within the residential and commercial sector. He has a passion for building and takes great pride in providing a high-quality finished product. Since the inception of the company, Chris has brought together a heart centered creative team of employees and subcontractors that align with his value of providing high quality work in an enjoyable work experience.


We know how stressful it can be for you and your family to start a construction project in your home. We take great care in making your home livable throughout the process and keeping the comfort of your family in mind when scheduling your project.

Contact us today to get started envisioning future changes to your home!

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