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Our Team

Remodeling is art and puzzles. The finished piece is a masterpiece where both builder and homeowner experience the pride of ownership. 


We are excited to feel as proud as you do in your new space.

Chris Otto
Founder and Principal

Chris Otto has been in both the residential and commercial building industries since 1982, from building custom residential homes, high-end remodeling, to project management for national franchises.


Chris has a vision to work closely with homeowners to bring joy to the space where they spend the majority of their time and which is often their greatest investment. 


When Chris is not building something or helping family to fix up and remodel their homes on the weekends, you can find him watching Shark Week or playing board games with friends and family.

Connor Otto
Lead Project Manager

Connor Otto entered the trades as a teenager, working for and alongside Chris, until they joined forces in 2018 to start OCC.  He comes from an eclectic background of freelance and entrepreneurship opportunities, including being a musician, chef, traveling circus performer and more, which has helped him gather a broad perspective in client relations and management. 


He strives for excellent client communication and team coordination to ease the challenges of remodel for families and individuals as much as possible. 

When he’s off the clock he’s supporting and playing with his family!

Doug Williams
Finance Officer

Doug Williams is passionate about doing things the right way. After learning the ins and outs of apartment maintenance and being encouraged to take shortcuts, he felt a yearning to build for the long-term and always strive for excellence.


Doug combines his Bachelor’s in Economics with his desire to build great things efficiently, but always keeping in mind the most important part: the human element.

In his free time Doug loves to spend as much time as possible in the pool swimming laps!

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