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White Street Home

Houses built a hundred years ago are full of surprises.


Tearing apart and removing old walls opens a window into the past and reveals antiquated building methods from a time when there were no power tools, materials were more limited, and people did the best they could with what they had.

We overhauled a 1920s house in Lower Burns Park, minutes away from The Big House.


On the inside, we added a bathroom, eliminated the old knob & tube wiring, redid significant amounts of plumbing, re-secured century old framing that desperately needed attention, installed windows throughout the whole house while restoring the original trim, patched and repaired plaster throughout, and redid the dining room and installed cabinetry with football tailgating in mind.

Upon tearing off the vinyl siding on the exterior, our plans to do Hardie board cement siding were dashed. The vinyl was concealing plaster and lathe, that decades prior was the substrate to stucco that had since been torn off. Proceeding with the Hardie board would have been prohibitively expensive during the great lumber shortage of 2021, and so the only logical thing to do was restore the original character of the house and do a stucco exterior. 

Our client has a brighter, cleaner, updated living space, modernized yet true to the history of the neighborhood, and can now entertain dozens of people for Michigan Football Games.


Be sure to add some wiggle room in your budget when undertaking any large project in an old home and keep a smile on your face as you roll with the punches!

Barrister Home

Living spaces that aren’t warm and inviting become almost unusable. Basements can slowly turn into at home storage units, with boxes piled to the ceiling, discouraging utilization of the space.

Unfazed and excited to convert the basement back into a livable space, we jumped into demolition mode. The basement practically demolished itself; the homeowner DIY renovations from years past proved not only poorly done but downright dangerous.


A 15 foot soffit concealing ductwork fell down after removing only a couple of nails, and the poorly secured walls fell apart in large chunks.

Upon adding a bathroom, installing thick, comfortable carpet, brightening the space with additional ceiling lights & fresh paint applied to well built, newly done walls, and building a new bedroom/office, the basement quickly became the place to be in the house. We converted what was a dark, outdated, and increasingly unusable basement into a sleek, clean, efficient environment. We did this while avoiding frills and respecting the homeowner’s budget.

It is possible to reclaim your basement and do it without breaking the bank!

Additional Featured Projects

for more five star reviews, please see our Google Reviews

Kate Roberts

We did a complete gutting and overhaul of our main floor (kitchen, dining room, living room) and were very pleased with the experience and results.


Living in a home as it is being renovated is never going to be easy, but the crew made it as livable as possible. Everything was spotless at the end of the day (fantastic, as we have young kids--no concerns about stray nails or tools), barriers were put up as need to control dust, etc.


We were also pleased at how close to the budget we were able to stay. The project turned out beautifully and we are so happy that we made the decision to work with Otto Custom Craftsman.

Pam Anderson

Otto Custom Craftsmen do a fantastic job!


They updated my kitchen with the utmost care and attention to detail.


Connor does a great job of communicating so you never feel in the dark on where your project stands.


They also use a savvy web platform - that lets you track your project and budget as things move along.


All in all, a great experience!

Cecilia Trudeau

Many months ago I began interviewing construction companies to discuss ideas for my kitchen and bathroom renovation.


I was interested in a good fit for me and for my interests in sustainability, aging in place, good communication, and kindness.

I found Otto Custom Craftsmen to be the very best fit and was not disappointed. Although the project was delayed by 2 months due to the sheltering in place order necessitated by the pandemic, it is finally completed!

I am very pleased with the results which are both visually and functionally pleasing. Both the process and the outcome matched very well with my expectations. I would happily use them again and highly recommend them to others.

Bryan Schneider

Otto Custom Craftsmen are hands down the best in the business.


I'd give them 10 stars if I could. Their work is as close to perfection as you will get. They repaired water damage to the side of our house, turned our 30-year old master bathroom into a modern dream bathroom, and even helped with a couple of smaller projects along the way.

Connor and Doug are friendly, knowledgable and professional. They gave us great advise but also listened to our requests. Prices were great and I never felt like I was being taken advantage of despite my lack of remodeling knowledge. The results FAR exceeded our expectations.


I can say without reservation that we plan to use their services for more projects down the line including our deck, master bedroom and the kid's bathroom.

Bryan Burns

As new residents of A2, we didn't have knowledge of available craftsmen and we are very glad we were referred to OCC.  


They have been great to work with, producing a major remodel in an unfinished space and going through our new home (which had not been previously occupied) to make many aspects of our residence better, with their skill, market knowledge and helpfulness.  


Consider them highly recommended.

Terry Hart

A very experienced company that puts their heart into every project.


The customer always comes first, and changes do not bother this company as the client makes the final decision on every phase.


Very trustworthy.

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