We did a complete gutting and overhaul of our main floor (kitchen, dining room, living room) and were very pleased with the experience and results.


Living in a home as it is being renovated is never going to be easy, but the crew made it as livable as possible. Everything was spotless at the end of the day (fantastic, as we have young kids--no concerns about stray nails or tools), barriers were put up as need to control dust, etc.


We were also pleased at how close to the budget we were able to stay. The project turned out beautifully and we are so happy that we made the decision to work with Otto Custom Craftsman.

Kate Roberts

Many months ago I began interviewing construction companies to discuss ideas for my kitchen and bathroom renovation. I was interested in a good fit for me and for my interests in sustainability, aging in place, good communication, and kindness.


I found Otto Custom Craftsmen to be the very best fit and was not disappointed. Although the project was delayed by 2 months due to the sheltering in place order necessitated by the pandemic, it is finally completed!


I am very pleased with the results which are both visually and functionally pleasing. Both the process and the outcome matched very well with my expectations. I would happily use them again and highly recommend them to others.

Cecilia Trudeau